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Objects of adornment, handcrafted in collaboration with natural materials by artist, Phoebe Ingrid Wyatt.

Currently working with Tasmanian blacklip abalone shell and orange edged limpet shell, Phoebe elevates the unique nature of each shell into keepsakes that may be shared and cherished through adornment. 

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Every shell is either mindfully collected by Phoebe and her family from around the coast of Southport, Tasmania or passed on from local divers. 

Pieces are cut to follow the shells unique contours, shaped on a glass grinder, then polished in a rock tumbler for up to 3 weeks, and arranged into final works with hand formed recycled sterling silver. 

As a result of this process each piece is completely individual, even when following the one design, evidence of the artists hand and the shells character is celebrated. 

Phoebe Ingrid Jewellery Process.jpg

The Shells.

Live limpets are a protected species in Tasmania, however the collection of empty shells washed ashore is allowed outside of marine reserves. Learn more about collecting shells in Tassie here.

Abalone are caught commercially and recreationally under strict size limits and quotas to ensure a sustainable population growth. Learn more here

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